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Selling my Thousand Trails Elite membership for $2,500

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Selling my Thousand Trails Elite membership for $2,500

Membership Type: Elite (Basic) v2011

Advance Booking Days: 120 Days

Camping Zone(s): Midwest,Southwest,Northwest,Northeast,Southeast

Maximum Length of Stay: 21 Days

The Trails Collection: Y

Available Holiday Reservations: 1

Available Guest Holiday Reservations: 1

Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

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Hi NikkiA

I am 68 years old and retired and try to do some RVing. 

I am interested in your Elite Basic membership that you put up for sale. 

How do we transfer the membership if buy it and can I resell it down to the road if I need to?



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I currently have it listed with Campground Membership Outlet so if you don’t mind giving me your email, I can email you and them and start the conversation.

They have all the info and are the membership experts and can answer all your questions better than I could. They also can take care of payment and get all the paperwork done so it’s done correctly. 

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