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DirecTV Travler to DISH Conversion


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Just curious, but does the software determine which sats to acquire by detecting which LNBF is installed? Or is it a setting that needs to be changed...


The last part of the Travler conversion (which I failed to mention) is re-programming the controller.


Basically, that means telling the controller that it is connected to a DISH Travler instead of a DirecTV Travler. So that means it now looks at a new set of sats maybe by using lookup tables. I used to do some programming and it would be interesting to reverse engineer a controller. Great job for a retiree.


Anyway, the Travler appears to have gone through a passel of software versions. (Or rather firmware versions via EEPROM which looks to be upgradeable using a rear controller port.)


BTW, you can check your controller's software version:



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Thanks, Tom. I don't have a Trav'ler, so as I said, I was just curious how the software/firmware was set up. I do know where there's a Trav'ler on a totaled 5'ver though, that I might grab if it hasn't been damaged too badly. I don't which version it is, thus my interest in your post and the process, since I would want it for Dish access.

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