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The new trucks name is?


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After much thought and deliberation we had come down to two choices.


G.R.U.N.T. This warm and fuzzy name refers to my military job from which I retired. It is an acronym which is used to describe those of us in the infantry branch (foot soldier) of the US Army it stands for General Recruit Usually Not Trainable. In the Army if you are not a GRUNT your job is to support the GRUNT.


Pathfinder. Also a name of a very specific job in the military. A Pathfinder is a Grunt trained to jump into the enemy territory and find an area for follow on forces to jump into DZ (drop zone) or fly into by way of a helicopter LZ (landing zone).


We have chosen to name the new truck! PATHFINDER. We feel it really fits we our new life style.


Heavymetal 6 out

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