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  1. People are amazing! I remember that happening. We were trying to help on the FB page as well. I think a family member ended up helping them in the end.
  2. Right now we are 1,400 plus members and of them 1,305 are active on the page in ether making post, commenting or liking what is being said. The average post and comments have been running in the neighborhood of 20,000 a month and everyone of them are read by the admins and moderators and you would think that we would have a lot of controversy but we don't. We have only had two post that were reported in the past 11 months both being made by a former member.
  3. I would also like to relate this story from the HDT's Facebook page. When we first started we had a member who's truck broke down while traveling to their camp hosting gig. With in 5 hours we had members from all over the US coming together. One member drove 4 hours to work on their truck when the problem was not one easy to repair another member drove from MO to MN and picked up the family and their RV and towed it FL for them. The other members came together and paid not only for the fuel needed to move them but also to have their truck towed to another members home who is a diesel mechanic.
  4. We don't let it get out of hand though and like any place else if you get abusive to others you will be deleted.
  5. The reason I started the HDT's Facebook page was for the ease of posting pictures and videos. I like some of the Escapees members thought that most of those that used a HDT as a tow vehicle were members of this small group but man we were wrong. We have found that there are 1,000s of us out there with all types of rigs and many more looking to make the change. We do regular surveys on the page and as of a month ago we have a little over 1,000 members that already use a HDT and we have helped 15 make the conversion in the past 11 months since the page started. We do not allow the page to get off topic very far nor to we allow political or religious comments. Like this forum every post and comment is read by the admins and mods and we delete post that we feel do not apply to heart of the page. We also have a HDT's for sale page that's attached for buying and selling trucks and related items. We have many from this forum that are on the page as a matter of fact everone of the 17 HDT's that are sitting at Deerrun right now or page members and 6 or 7 of those coming this year found out about the ECR from the FB Page.
  6. Roger I'll take the blame. You should not have gone back and driven it.
  7. The links are old. Pm me and I will email you pics of the truck. The color is called fire red.
  8. The links are old. Pm me and I will email you pics of the truck. The color is called fire red.
  9. 79 to 21 is a good route we travel it all the time. 21 to 290 right into Austin very little traffic if any.
  10. I have reduced the price of our HDT to 112,000. This is a 2016 with 106,000 miles and is setup to carry a smart.
  11. Heavymetal

    Bobtail mileage

    DD15, DT12 trans, 3:08 diffs towing 68-72 8.4mpg bobtail 70-72 11.5-12.5 depending on winds and hills. The best mpg towing 9.3 bobtailing 13 mpg.
  12. I try and use the adaptive cruise as much as possible it keeps us a safe distance away and adjust automatically when a vehicle fills in the gap. The best part is it uses the standard brakes to slow or stop you so the brake lights are activated.
  13. Looking at rvt.com I see three really nice Newmar Mountain and Country Aire's for a good price and four Carriage Royal Internationals. The Newmar are nice hung wall units all aluminum super structure they are super insulated and quiet. We have two of them and even in central Texas one 15k BTU ac keeps it cool.
  14. Hello Denver, I hope all has been going well since we last saw you guys at the ECR. The search for a new fifth wheel is a tough one if you want a new one because no matter what the name says it is still built from all the same parts as all the rest. My thoughts head in the direction of a well built older unit for $30-40 and upgrade it. Newmar will pretty much completely redo one of their "air" units mountain, country or London air for about $20-25 not counting floor coverings, for some reason they charge a lot for them. I have also seen some really nice Royal International for sale lately. The Newmars have such great suspensions under them I find them hard to beat. They ether have the Morryde IS tandem duals are twin 12k Dexters with duals. We have had both and have had no trouble with ether one. Both our units have been the 2005 Mountain Aires which was the last year they built them and both had not been towed but a few times and appeared new on the inside and the cost for them was $32,000 and $35,000 and other then personal upgrades and one ac they both have been great units. Our son has our first one and the second was the one at the rally. The one at the rally has about 24,000 miles being towed just this year with zero problems, not something you can do with a 2017 model.
  15. We run LT tires also speed limited to 106 are there about. I normally run at 68 but will run 75 on a very good dry no traffic freeway. I run 8 tires and on a hot day the tire temps are around 118 degrees and I check them at every stop. We have a little over 24k miles towing so far this year and no telling how many in total and have had zero tire problems.
  16. Thanks for posting those for me. I'll duty you a coffee when we meet up.
  17. I have had mine at 90+ degrees a few times in short RV sites and I always watch my tires and never leave any stress on them are my suspension. I don't have a problem doing it and if I break something I guess I have found a weak spot. I have twin Dexter 12k axles under our RV with the tandem duals and they don't seem to have the problem with wanting to roll on the rims like when we had a triple axle and I think that spreading the load across 8 tires helps a lot when making tight turns. When at 90 degrees I have about 12" between my RV and smart so clearence is not something I worry about.
  18. We are in the process of getting a new truck so we have a 2016 for sell if your interested.
  19. I can never get photos on this forum. I can email them and also post them on the HDT's Facebook page.
  20. Thanks. It is a lot of money but a lot less then a brand new one. I would cut the price if someone was interested and didn't want certain things. I set the truck up to be able to remove the bed in a few hours and put it back in the commercial setup. I have had a lot of interest from my truck paper add and figure it will go to being a commercial truck and I will reuse the bed on my new truck.
  21. Check out the HDTs for for on the escapees forum there is 2or3 listed.
  22. We are 67' over all and have not been to one RV park that we did not fit in. There is a lot of talk about the western state parks that have small sites but we mainly hang out in the south. We stay at SP and Military parks ever once and a while a KOA and we have the most problem with the KOA's. If you us a RV app like Allstays it lets you know the max length of RV they can handle most of the time and if in doubt the number is listed along with the web site.
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