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Time for a Tune Up

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While we are staying on the north side of Houston Tx for a month I need to get a 500,000-mile service done. Yes, it only took 18 years to roll 499985 miles on this truck!

What needs to be done is-

-The head needs to be run (adjust valve lash)

- Flush Cooling system/radiator.

-Change rear diff gear oil.

-Change Trans gear oil

-Replace 1rear axle seal. (clean rim, drive 500 miles, dirt/oil/grease shows on rim. Check diff and its full. So it only leaks when the centrifuge action of the axle rotating spits oil out of the end seal.

-Replace clutch brake

- Fix this heavy clutch- Last time I had it adjusted, it was light and very easy to push for about 15-20 uses, then steadily grew heavier to where it is now, which is where is was before adjustment.

Normal oil change, filters, fluids etc.


Anybody have suggestions of a shop OTHER than Volvo?

Needs to be Cummins certified at least, don't mind a Mom&Pop place if their good.


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Some time back a JAFO asked me what I did for a tune-up on the Volvo. With as straight a face as possible I told him new points and plugs every 20,000 miles was all it needed. His response? "I would have thought your truck would have electronic ignition - adjusting points is a pain." Honest, this is no joke. :D


Are you going to put in one of those two piece clutch brakes you have to finagle through the inspection plate hole or pull the tranny? My clutch brake was gone when I bought the truck. I learned how to manage downshifting at traffic lights without it.

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