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HI - I'm not sure this is the best forum to post this, but thought I'd start here. We are planning to attend the Boot Camp and Escapade in Arizona next March. We've been given great advice to rent an RV (We won't have one yet, we're still getting ready) and use the opportunity to understand how things work, to meet many of you and better prepare ourselves for making our RV choice. I've done enough research to think that a Diesel Pusher between 35 and 40 feet will likely meet our needs. Further, it looks like Newmar, Tiffin and possibly Entegra make the kind of RV's that would likely meet those needs. All that said, there are 2 or 3 RV rental co's that look good on "paper", but I don't know if they would be good to rent from. We will be flying in from Massachusetts, so we won't know what we're getting into (we wouldn't anyway because we have not really spent any time in a Class A before) until we get there. The 3 that seem to be pretty decent from looking online are:






Does anyone have any experience with any of these folks? Anyone have other choices they would recommend for renting a Class A Diesel Pusher? Would you recommend I post this on a different forum on the site?


Thank you all for you help and guidance!



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I don't know anything about the outfits you listed. But you will probably have a hard time renting a diesel pusher, especially the brands you mentioned. Most RV rental outfits like Cruise America, El Monte, Roadbear, Canadian Dream, etc. all buy low end units from mostly Winnebago, as Winnie pumps these units out for that purpose. Call and check with the outfits you have listed.

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Bob is correct, although we have recently seen more class A rentals than in the past. I suggest that if you find a class A that is suitable but on a gas chassis, take advantage of it since you won't be driving much the difference will be insignificant for your Boot Camp experience. And be sure to say hello when you get to to Escapade, as I'll be doing the security again and would love to meet you!

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I have found a couple of Diesel rentals, I'm just paranoid about the quality and support from the companies. I don't read fabulous things. Very mixed at best. One LOVES them, the next HATES them. The main thing I want to do is financially protect myself and be able to get support should there be a breakdown. I have no experience whatsoever. I figure once I make it to the Escapade there will be plenty of support. It will be getting there and back AND making sure I have enough and the right insurance!!

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Renting is a great idea for you and Escapade Boot Camp is perfect to learn about RVing and perhaps full-timing. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the companies.


I briefly looked over the rental companies which are in the Tucson area - two in Phoenix and Southeast Arizona RV Rentals of Huachuca City is very near the Escapade which would be extremely convenient and no 'big city' driving to get to Escapade. This seems to be a smaller operation than the other two but that's o.k. It's also mainly a RV sales facility. He'd even set it up for you at Escapade but you'd want to drive it regardless.


S/E AZ has a 2006 36' Journey diesel with 350 hp and Freightliner. It has big holding tanks which would be great. They also have a 32' gas Bounder.


Heightened Path in Scottsdale has a 2005 35' Fleetwood Expedition. It looks like the main company is based in Colorado Springs so they probably do a lot of rentals.


Going Places in Phoenix has 33' RVs and up but no years given.


All pictures of the rentals look like they are kept very clean and in excellent condition.


I would recommend that you get a short one since you have no experience. It will make the process a lot easier for you in traffic and parking. I'd also recommend that you stay in the immediate Phoenix/Tucson areas if you want to go different places after Escapade. Unless you also rent a car and both of you drive, you won't be doing a lot of siteseeing during your stay although with a shorter unit you could probably fit in some attractions parking lots such as the Desert Museum in Tucson or near the Escapade at Kartchner Caverns State Park which has a great campground with big sites and the Rotunda Cave Tour is great. (We gave the tours. ) :) It's very close to the rental agency. Tucson would be less hectic driving for a newbie. :)


Reviews I scanned are good as a rule so I really think any one of them would be o.k. Best of luck to you!

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