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Roof and front cap repair- duct tape residue and eternabond on fiberglass hole


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My rubber roof recently had a significant encounter with a big tree branch. I used duct tape to hold a cover on the roof until I could order the Eternabond.

How can I remove the duct tape residue from the roof? I have Goo-Gone? And some acetone I bought to prepare the roof for the Eternabond?


Also, the branch indented and tore about 3 inches of the fiberglass front cap before tearing the roof. Can I safely cover this with Eternabond also?





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WD40 works great for removing tape stickem / residue . Follow that with cheap brake cleaner to clean the oils of the WD40 . Brake cleaner evaporates very quickly and has extremely little , if any , effect on rubber . The surface will be left as clean as it'll ever get and ready to accept the repair tape .


As for the repair tape holding on the fiberglass cap , it does a very good job there , too . I've 'replaced / covered the factory foil backed tape used on the joint between the caps and roof . That was about 5 years ago and the tape shows no sign of degradation or letting loose anytime soon .

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