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  1. Who'd have thunk it? Only in Louisiana! :-) http://mykisscountry937.com/louisianas-naked-camp-ground-and-resort/
  2. Roadmaster on an 04 Coachman. Best add on ever. Drives like a van now. -Rich
  3. Hi Everyone, I decided to take on a project this week to put my mind at ease. I travel with a 400lb scooter. I haven't had a problem, but I wanted to beef up the carrier for two reasons. 1) The hitch tongue weight is rated at 500 lbs. 2) The scooter is heaviest in the rear, where the engine is, and twists the carrier to the right side. I have been using a ratchet strap hooked to the right side and the ladder to make it even up, but I didn't like doing that. This is the original setup - I modified the carrier and added LED strips for the rear lights since it was covering my tail lights and moved the reflectors to the back: So I went out and bought a new 18" receiver. I have a friend in the sign business and brought him over to the RV. He took all the measurements of the hitch and the steel and we went back to his office and put it all into his engineering software. To my surprise, unlike what the manufacturer says, the original hitch had a maximum legal tongue weight of 1400 lbs! He told me it's not unusual that a manufacturer would triple or quadruple the max rating, especially on a vehicle, since it will affect the level of the ride. With the added receiver and new tube, the software said 2900 lbs. So, now that I'm real comfortable with the tongue weight, I welded the new receiver to the hitch. Oh yeah, I have airbag suspension, so I'm not concerned with the level. So here's the final product. I got up on it and jumped a few times and it's solid as a rock! No more tilting! -Rich
  4. This computer puts out virtually no heat whatsoever. I have it set back from the door, and the cabinet has an open back. Originally I was thinking about putting a fan in the floor, but I don't think it needs it. -Rich
  5. Thanks, I was getting tired of trying to figure out what wires to plug in to watch TV! Now I can just press a button. :-) -Rich
  6. Hi Everyone, I tossed out the old TV and reworked the big open hole in the cabinetry. I now have a nice 40" smart TV, Windows 10 computer and gaming system for the grand-kids. About two hours actual time start to finish. This is the original cabinet: I pulled the old TV and took off the cabinet frame. I put 1/2" ply on the back of the frame and painted the front black. I then added a solid TV wall mount. I put two extra screws in the top of the mount just in case. Then I put two 12" piano hinges so I could open and close the door. I have a brass catch on the right side that locks it closed and I put in two dowel pins for a snug fit. I then installed a Windows 10 computer with a DVD drive. I modified the case to include a shock absorbent drive and screwed the computer to the base. I bought a wireless keypad/mouse. Next I put in an ABC switch so I can easily switch from my King Dome satellite dish, to the park cable, or my 50 mile digital antenna. The feed is split out to the rear bedroom as well with a booster. This is the final result. I have wireless computing, TV, DVD and a Sega wireless game system for the kids. Total time, about two or three hours. Total cost, $35.
  7. So I'm going to add one thing to the 10 minute project. I wasn't satisfied with the light output as compared to the original fixtures. I wound up adding four more strips for a total of eight. Even with eight, it's only slightly brighter than the florescent. But a nicer, warmer color...
  8. Okay, a new update. My son never seems to find the time so I fixed the power issue myself. I gutted the original fixture and attached these strips to it: Works perfectly, just a different color light. More blueish than the rest, but I'm going to change all the rest out as well. I repurposed the original on off toggle switch as well.
  9. Yup, this time we're keeping the new motorhome fully insured and at a local storage yard a mile away. It's an old FEMA camp from Katrina turned storage with full hookups, so if anything happens, we're ready to drive it away from the danger. -Rich
  10. The final outcome was a negotiated $5500 from the salvage company. We wound up buying a 2004 Coachman, built out in late 2005, first sold in 2007 with 16K miles. Had it for two months and six trips now. We love it and we're keeping it fully insured! ;-)
  11. And now I just got yet another brainstorm! When I remove the fan in the bathroom, I'll have access to run a fish 8' across the roof to the fixture with no power and tap it into the fan power! Problem solved! :-) Just got back from Grand Isle and had to put the coach into the shop at Ford. It won't be ready until Thursday and we're heading up to Mississippi for the weekend, so I won't be able to finish everything until next week. -Rich
  12. So my son still hasn't had time to troubleshoot the wiring issue. :-( I'll have to wait it out. On the positive side, the fan in my bathroom needs replacing, so I ordered a new one and had a brainstorm. When I change the fan, I'm going to tap off the 12v and run a dedicated line across the roof to the LED strip. This way I can remove the unsightly power adapter and 110 cord.
  13. Now I'm back to waiting for my son to come by and help me with the wiring issue...
  14. Okay, so I installed the light strip today and I have to say, I'm very happy with it! I started by running a small bead of Dicor NON leveling sealant just under the canopy where I want the lights. Then I ran the light strip seating it in the Dicor and taping it every few feet for support until it sets: Next I attached a very heavy duty Velcro to the power supply and mounted it on the back of the canopy support: The finished project: I got them on Amazon for $21.88, and yes, they are the exact same ones most sites are selling for $59.99. All kinds of features in the remote control, but you have to be within about 4' for it to work. So installed on my canopy, I have to get really close and get the remote up high. Link to the product: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M1GBCWF/ Edit: FYI, the LED strip was 16' long, exactly the length of the canopy. There were two 16' light strips, but only one power supply and IR controller. I'm going to see how these work out before getting a second controller and power supply. -Rich
  15. Thanks VallandMo... my son's an electrician and he has the really expensive endoscope. Getting him to come by while we're home is another story! :-) Thanks Snuffy... I have all the parts I need off of Amazon. Trick is finding the power issue. While I'm waiting for my son, I'm going to install, if you call it that, the LED light bar under the canopy today. I'm not much for all the changing colors except maybe around Christmas time, but the white lights and the ability to dimm them down at night attracted me to them. I'll post some pics later... -Rich
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