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Fridge not working, found a stray wire..


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Found a great post in where op finally discovered that the small inside (above the fridge) control board was bad with no led lights and non working fridge. I may have this same problem but found sonething else. In poking around from the outside of the fridge to check connections and fuses, I found a stray wire that isn't connected to anything.

It is blue and comes from a connector near the top left of the outside control board. It is a Dometic RM2652

Can someone with the same unit (or knowledge) tell me if this wire is supposed to be connected to something. I've tried to attach a pic, hope it worked.




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Thanks Yarome.

I didn't burden with all the info to determine fault but rather just looking for answer to the stray wire.

I'll drop back to the post involving diag and solution being the brow panel circuit board.

Thank you also BigMike for the effort and visual check.

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