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Slides not level on close


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Another thing that would be helpful is to know the manufacturer of the slide mechanism. Most RV builders use slide equipment from some vendor, of which there are several. If you are not sure, there should be a label somewhere on the hardware that tells who made it. It seems strange that all three slides have developed the same problem. Most of them do have adjustments but the means of adjusting varies a lot. I think that if it were me, I'd get professional help.

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sensor out of adjustment?


That would be my guess as well (rather than a mechanical limiter) since all slides are experiencing the same problem. More than likely a current control module (shuts off the motor based on the amount of amperage passing through the module) that "should" be adjustable. It depends on the maker, but 'generally' the module is located near the activation switch and will have a low/mid/high switch, a small dial adjustable with a small screwdriver, or worst case.. you may need to open the module to adjust dip switch settings... although that is the least common. If the later, you would probably need to contact the mfg to confirm the settings.


If you are retracting your slide and the motor shuts off before they fully retract than that is most likely your cause. If your motor continues to operate and starts "clicking" then it is likely you have a mechanical limiter which "can" be adjusted but it's quite a bit more hassle.


It's not common, but certainly not unheard of. Any additional weight within the slide or anything contributing to any type of resistance can increase the amperage requirement just enough to trip the module.

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Our Cameo has a rack and pinion system on the slide. On the large slide sometimes the bottom will also stick out 2-3 inches. For a temporary solution, I have been assisting the slide by pushing on the bottom from the outside during retraction. So far I have tightened the motor mount bolts and replaced the motor pinion gear with little results. Probably just needs a rail adjustment, but for now it's no big deal to give a little assisted push.


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