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winter blend

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Depends on where you are. In the south, I'd be surprised if they ever switch.


Do you intend to drive the truck in cold weather? If not, you may be worrying for naught.


I'm located in south-east Indiana. I have 7 diesels that get used all times of the year, and I've never worried whether I had winter fuel. Not one issue thus far. If you live near Darryl and Rita, it's a whole 'nuther ball game.

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I live in the center of Washington state. we have had some days where the temp can get 20 below with the wind chill factor I have seen some 10 below days with out wind so its not like Alaska but it gets cold enough. We fire it up and take it for a drive during the winter months about every weekend to keep oil running threw it and the batteries up.

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Wind chill has nothing to do with what temperature the parafin in diesel fuel starts to turn to crystals(gel). Wind chill is for bare skin and is only a subjective "feeling". The actual temperature is what concerns this issue. I would be more concerned with condensation forming in the tanks, over and over eventually allowing a quantity of water to be at the bottom, or accumulating in the filters and then freezing. Diesel fuel also has a shelf life, not as short as gasoline, but there is a limit.

To combat both the water and gelling issue, I would treat the fuel now with a fuel additive that addresses both issues. Everyone has their favorite, I have used Power Service for years no complaints. Put the additive in when you put diesel in and drive around a bit. the recirculation of the fuel will do the rest.

Nothing consistant about blending fuel, when or where. Most major chains blend according to the conditions in the market where the fuel is sold. Asking at the fuel desk will get you a blank stare. Check with major jobbers in your area to see what is customary in your area.

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Asked this question years ago ,the answer from a Canadian company (petrocan) was "begining in October and every two weeks winter additive is added gradually ,max is reached by January."

I would imagine ramp down is the same .There is no specific 'on' or 'off' date.

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When you take one of those monthly rides point south and stay away until spring. Lots of nice places in the Rio Grande Valley but AZ. is nice also.

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Yes after living here for the last 50 years . I think I know what wind chill dose thanks for the education. But the point I was trying to make it gets flippen cold around here during the winter wind or no wind. Just wandering when they switched over. Brad and Jacolyn that's the plan when I retire. I like the way you two think. Some day we are going to point it south and go for the winter

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