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T 2000 Fuel tank repairs


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Given that 2 members have had tank issues, on the passenger side tank, I thought there should be a heads up given to other owners.

Our leaks were from 2 different locations. The first was only ever an issue if the tank was filled, and parked with the passenger side too far lower. I tracked this one to the threads for the fuel equalizing line. This line ensures both tanks have the same level. As you can imagine, this creates a problem when one tank is substantially lower than the other. If the filler cap isn't tight, the same issue can happen.

The second leak was a little sneakier. The leading edge of the rear fairing was sitting on the tank, right at the body-line. Over time, this wore down the tank wall in an area about the size of cigarette pack. There wasn't an obvious hole, but an area the thickness of tin-foil, with multiple tiny holes in it. It didn't so much leak as ooze fuel. On the road repairs were made, to save some of my precious fuel, and to prevent harm to the environment.

My favourite welding shop was put to work, adding a patch to the area, and replacing the threaded piece. Some pics below, with the whole works here.


After the road-side repairs, with the rear fairing in the trailer basement:



After the welding. I requested a lap joint here, to inset the tank wall. I will be adjusting the hangers for the fairings, but still wanted inset. The foreman felt bad, thinking his guys welded it incorrectly, as they would usually cut a repair patch and weld it with a butt (hee hee) joint and grind it smooth.







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I had wear from the next panel back aND corrosion from the staps. They welded patches over the top and new bungs. I moved the tank forward so it wouldn't contact the fairing. I also installed new rUber on the hangers. They are very proud of those.

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