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Volvo Bumper (Chrome)


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It seems I am always tweeking my front bumper while dry camping. Nothing too serious mostly just scrapes, but have been concerned about damage to fragile items. (radiator, wiring, etc.) Thought about a bull bumper, but with my lower part already damaged decided to replace the entire bumper with a chrome one. Did some research on the guide, but it looks like some of the suppliers have quit. Has anyone used Fleet Truck Parts, I think in Clovis, Ca.? Any other suggestions/comments? I don't try to move rocks, and I know I shouldn't, but I do straddle creosote bushes many times. Don't want to change the life style! My BAD I guess.


Thanks, Dick T


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I was just talking with "Rocky Mountain Truck Salvage", investigating a fair price for my new Volvo Bumper, it's a take off bumper. They said they could order a chrome bumper. Mine is not Chrome but if you're interested send a PM.


Rocky Mountain Truck Parts

3700 N 2000 W, Farr West, UT 84404

(801) 392-1060



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