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  1. Most of our parts have numbers on them. Almost always 8 digits (95%)
  2. Thank you but you're 3 days late......
  3. forxlr8n

    POR-15 Magic

    Looks great !! Would you like to come to VA and do it again? I could find you a case of Dr Pepper. I would even cross the line and pick up a case of "Cheerwine" to up the payment.
  4. There's a local company here does the chop top on our day cabs for car haulers. I was checking to see if they would sell the glass, seal and trim ring that you need for a rear window in a Volvo. They should have plenty of them. If you are interested let me know and I'll get a price. This is all new take off parts. MIke
  5. forxlr8n

    another hitch post

    The slide lock on the stock 5th wheel will work
  6. forxlr8n

    another hitch post

    I got a hitch. WOW what a find !!!! It had been sitting for two years. Score $800
  7. forxlr8n

    another hitch post

    I have a line on a used trailsaver now. Funny I was talking to one of our local vendors yesterday about some frame extensions. Then about needing a airhitch he chimes in and said he knows of one not being used. A woman who's husband had died has sold everything but the hitch. I called made an offer and pick it up today. I don't know the model but it does have the built in air compressor. No I don't know the model but for what I'm paying who cares
  8. forxlr8n

    another hitch post

    My Pace living quartes trailer is a gooseneck hitch. I see that some people make air ride hitchs for them as well ,but are they needed on a HDT?
  9. I just called down there. They have a walk in counter also.
  10. He again I'd call DEX truck parts in NC. I know a couple of months ago we sent them 3 trailer loads of (NOS) a/c lines and hoses. The factory is zero landfill so everything goes to DEX.
  11. https://www.dextruckparts.com/search.php Call them
  12. forxlr8n

    ramps for sale

    Seen these on gov deals auction https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=21&acctid=8661
  13. Durable just sells to volvo. Found this on DEX parts will it work?
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