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  1. Thanks guys for all of the help!!! But, this post was from April of last year. Hopefully this will help out someone looking for the same. Jeremy
  2. Thanks!! Thank goodness she is quite a bit younger than I and only bruised up her elbow and her pride a little. LOL She is much happier getting in and out of this one. JM
  3. Yes sir. It didn't take long. Guess I should of asked for more money!! LOL This all started because the wife fell out of the Volvo face first a few months ago as we were heading out on a trip. She recently informed me that she stays car-sick for most of the ride as well. If Momma ain't Happy... You know how it goes. Jeremy
  4. Truck and Toyhauler are both gone. The Volvo headed south to Corpus to it's new home on Saturday and the Toyhauler is for sale in Weatherford TX if anyone is looking for a near new one. The wife and I picked up a super clean 04 Monaco Executive on Friday and even though I miss my Volvo already, I am excited to get to work on the new project. Bedroom TV has already been upgraded to a 40" LED over the weekend and I am already ordering fuel system upgrades and EGR "Adjustments" for the 500HP ISM. Of course, I will be picking Brit's brain on his trailer build so that we can take the toys with
  5. Yes sir. The rack will fit my Liberty and very well should also work on a 4 door JK as the length/wheelbase are very similar. As far as the Momentum, it is the only floorplan that we liked because it had a bath that opened to the bedroom so that someone could walk from the shower to the bedroom without giving people in the living room a show!!! And it has the big garage and 2 porches with railings and entry steps. Having to open the living slide to get to the bedroom might be the only downside and it really hasn't been an issue for us. If you buy the package... You will be getting the vo
  6. The wife and I have decided to look at going another route with our RVing. Not sure exactly which direction we are going just yet. But, I have put our rig up for sale in the for sale section on here. In case someone on here is wanting to get in an HDT on a budget. Thanks. Jeremy
  7. The wife and I have decided to build a new rig for ourselves. So, I am offering up our current one. I will sell them separate or as a package deal to someone who wants to buy them both. The truck build was documented with lots of pics and descriptions in the HDT section and has turned out to be a great truck for someone wanting to get into an HDT without having to start from scratch. It is an 06 630 with 786K miles an Ultrashift (2 pedals) and a great running D12D with no EGR worries anymore. I have replaced and upgraded a ton of items and will try to put a fairly accurate list of what we
  8. I couldn't get the link to work for me. JM
  9. A little far for you to swing by and drive up this ramp. LOL
  10. txdslshop

    Cummins ISL

    I wouldn't have anything else in a coach. If that helps. I was just pointing out some known issues with the early ones. I am not a fan of the emissions system issues and they would be removed once they started giving me problems. My last coach had the smaller 8.3 Cummins and it pulled and drove excellent at 350HP. 450HP should be plenty.
  11. Sounds good!! Holler at me and make sure I am gonna be around. I am at the FD one or two days each week. I will keep an eye out around College Station today for a new Smart. Jeremy 936-337-4333
  12. Can I drive it? LOL Congrats!!
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