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Phantom Download


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Got a notification that I had used half of my 5GB MIFI plan, renewed just a week ago. Found that yesterday I used 2.2GB. Normal use is 50-100mb per day. Traveling and didn't have my Update set to metered (now corrected). Friday is not the normal day for a MS dump. I was actually driving most of the day yesterday. Any idea what it could have been?


Another download question: I have a laptop with Win7 Pro. If I upgrade to 10 will I get Pro on Consumer version? I need the XP emulation of 7 Pro for an epensive slide scanner that never got drivers for Win7.

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Win 7 Pro upgrades to Win 10 Pro.


I assume your first question about the download on a Windows 10 machine? If not this answer will not apply.


Click on start then settings then Update & Security. Then click on Advanced options then click on View Your Update History. There see if any dates correspond to your gap between checking it and discovering the download. If so, then do a search on that update/s for size.


Click on Cortana and search for event viewer and open up the logs that are appropriate.


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Also under Settings/Updates/Advanced Options/"Choose how updates are delivered" make sure you don't have the button checked for "get updates from and send updates to computers on the internet". If that button is checked Microsoft can use your computer as an source of updates for computers not local to you which means your data will get used.

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According to Verizion's data usage for my JetPack (MIFI) a download of 2,155.07mb happened at 9:02 on 5/20. I have no updates listed for 5/20. Looks like MS hijacked my laptop to download to someone else in the RV Park as DOCJ commented.


I don't understand this. I have a network in the RV of my laptop, two tablets, and a Note 3 phone. The MIFI Jetpack has a secure password that I've never shared with anyone. I was not connected to the RV Park network at any time. Is it really possible that MS can have my laptop send update files to other PC's?


I've turned off all the advance options to use my laptop to update others and will watch my daily data usage with the Verizon app. Per that app I rarely use even 100mb; usually less than 10.


RV, thanks for the info on Win7 Pro update. Hopefully the Win 10 Pro also emulates XP or I'll have to roll back.

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