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I have a problem--warning beeper


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I have a 2002 Allegro Bus with the 8.3 Cummins and Allison transmission.

I have a beeper that sounds off after about 15 minutes of driving.

After I stop it will still sound off but only with the engine running and in gear. Only in drive or reverse.

No warning lights show a problem. The transmission doesn't throw a code. I have engine and trans. monitor that shows oil pressure, trans. temp. and engine cooling.

This is in addition to the normal lights that monitor.

Everything shows in the normal operating range.

I cannot figure out what this beeper is trying to tell me. It seems to be heat related somehow as it takes about 15 minutes to sound off when I start out in the morning.

It does not shut off until everything is shut down for a long period. A shorter layover might start out without a beep but it will start sooner.

I have bad hearing and that is a sound I cannot hear but my wife can. She says there is a sound like air hissing just before the beeper sounds off.

In addition my jacks are up and the beeper on them is tied into the red warning light which does not light up.

I would like to think there is some kind of malfunction with the beeper but I don't want to ignore it.

I hope someone has a solution to this.



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Pull the fill cap for the leveler system reservoir and check / apply the recommended fluid . Most likely a transmission fluid . On our Monaco , the level is up to the threads of the fill cap .

Just below that level are a couple of sensors ... when the fluid is below them , the 'alarm' warns us . Very annoying , that alarm .

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I had the same problem. My jack fluid was just a little low. If I turned a corner to the right direction, it would stop beeping for a few sections. Sometimes the light wouldn't come on for a while. As Pat and Pete say, I would top off the jacks reservoir and rule that one out. Otherwise, sorry I have no other ideas.


Good luck,



John Parker

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Checked the jack fluid yesterday and it was low.

A relief to find that. Glad I didn't cut the wire to the beeper. :D

Again, many thanks.


Recheck the oil level every few weeks, there might be some air in the system that has not self-purged yet. My HWH system did that and it took adding oil 3X to get all the air out, it hasn't required oil since then.

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