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Seems like Lordco is a supplier but how long a cord do I look for. The ones I see only show 7 or 8 ft. But I'm not sure how far into the rig they go and where or to what they connect. I'll take a look today but a quick answer would help.



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You should have a junction box up in the pin area. For our Carrilite, the 7' model would be long enough. Now on the truck side, unless they are willing to sell a factory made connector with about 25' of cable on it, I'll splice my own cable to theirs.

There was 1 at the ECR, that I had a quick look at.

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Well I thought for sure I took lots of photos as I was installing my EZ Connector - but after looking through my photos all I took were shots of what I was taking out not what I put in.


I installed the http://ezconnector.com/ezs14page.html


I wanted the 14 pin plug to carry my AGS signals from the trailer to the generator in the truck.


I ordered directly from Joe @ EZ Connect because I wanted a double ended male cord. That lets me completely remove the cord and securely store it. One never knows when a cord will look like a swing in a child's eye.


My package contained the double ended cable, two storage sockets, two identical female sockets (to mount on truck and trailer), and two kits to butt splice the Female sockets into the wiring harness. The female sockets had about 8 inches of wire sticking out of the molded socket. The wires were numbered with a tag on every 4 wire or so. A wire gauge list was also provided so I could map the 7-way and AGS wires to the correct pins in the 14-way system.


The butt splice kit had metal tubes to crimp on the wire for the butt splice, heat shrink for each individual wire and a larger piece to shrink over the entire collection of splices.


The S14 was designed to carry the RV 7-way and I think 2 cameras over a single cable. Joe seems to be careful and methodical in bringing his product to market. I waited about 2 years for him to sell me an S14 - starting from "I am planning to bring a new product to my line up that should fit your need" to "we are now shipping product."


I've only got a few hours on the road with the EZ Connect installed, but so far I am very pleased. It works exactly as advertised.

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7 pin EZ Connector is being picked up tomorrow. Found out where it connects in the pin area.


On Edit,


Lordco here wants an arm and a leg and I'm short body parts so that didn't work. They brought the wrong one in anyway.


Spoke to Joe and ordered the S7- 10 and S7- 08 and the R7-51 adapter. The wires are already in the truck plug and sealed/waterproof The existing 2' pigtail/splice will be removed and replaced with the short 2 or 4' pigtail which comes with the receptacle and soldered/heatshrunk on. The 14 pin would work for cameras but I held off for now. I splurged on gold contacts an xtra $10.


This firm supplies Calgary and Edmonton with components. For the Western Rally bunch, there is a trailer firm in Boise which carries or can get and install the plug/cable units.


Twice contact for the trailer clearance lights has been lost which causes problems at night....not any more.


The truck is in for bodywork from the suicide grouse attack so the light housings and replacement cable will be switched over the next couple of weeks.


More things off the bucket list.

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