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M2-106 ISL9 Bypass oil filter installation


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Today got to spend some time working on the truck. Since the truck has a DPF exhaust filter and DEF, it has what's called 5th stroke injection. When it's time for the DPF to cycle and do a clean off, the computer calls for diesel injection on an exhaust stroke and the diesel with the DPF causes a reaction that burns off the soot in the DPF. Under heavy usage, there is enough exhaust heat is high enough to do passive regen, but light duty, diesel is sent out the exhaust. Problem with sending diesel out the exhaust is that diesel has a chance to leak past rings and soot gets washed into the oil that is being sent from the EGR.


To help clean that soot of the oil, bypass oil filters are used that. These filter are sub-micron absolute filters. A small amount of oil is sent from the oil filter housing to the bypass filter system and then returned to the oil pan for reuse.


On all my Diesel engines with DPF and EGR, I install bypass filter to help clean the oil further so less wear and tear on the engine. I took this system off my old truck when I sold it and reinstalled it on the M2. Here are some pictures. Only challenge for this installation was drilling the holes in the truck bracket with limited room.


Here is the filter with mounting bracket installed next the air dryer.



Top down view of the bypass filter, you can see the oil sample port to the right.



Here is the tap point at the oil filter head area.



The oil return line from the filter.



Hood closed, the housing is built like a tank, very well protected. That housing has been exposed to gravel spray, dirt, and other junk for 8 years.


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Thank you. With proper oil sample tests, changing intervals can be extended safely and effectively. On some engines, I have been able to nearly double oil changing intervals. I do also use them on older engines, heavily smogged diesel should have them installed from the factory as standard.

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Pug, How many miles do you get between oil changes with the addition? My ISL 9 manual calls for a change every 20,000 miles or 1 year. Just had it done and it was about $420 for the oil change and filter, the fuel filters and a lube job. When I did the math it is actually cheaper to maintain than my Ford 6.7 was. If you don't follow the Cummings recommendations for changes, how might it affect a warranty claim? Just curious. Dick

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Folks, here is the contact information for the kit I installed:



Randy Fields



You will have to ask for the kit with Cummins screw on filler cap. I was not going to pull the oil pan plug to install the return line. This kit would have two equal length hoses with 90 degree bend on one end and straight on the other, screw in filler cap for return, fitting for the oil supply in the block plus the fs2500 filter head and various other parts.

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