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GPS- CoPilot adds new RV software


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Up to now our choices have been to use the automotive CoPilot gps program for about 15 dollars or the Truck program for $150.00. I just noticed that CoPilot has released a new program just for RVs priced at $50.00. https://copilotgps.com/us/rv-navigation/?utm_source=CoPilot&utm_campaign=b5c801be78-SpringNewsletter_NA3_24_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f7ca639a64-b5c801be78-207717889


At this point it is not clear to me what this program does that the automotive program cannot (that program has an RV setting).



Dave and Lana Hasper

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Looking at this further it appears the RV sofware allows you to enter weight and length while the RV setting in the less expensive auto program only allows you to enter height. If that is the only difference I am not convinced it justifies the change. Maybe if I was buying new but I already have the auto program.

Dave and Lana Hasper

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I purchased the Truck version a couple of years ago and it was worth the money. Would consider the new RV Verizon as our 5er is 13'6" tall.


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I have been using the RV version since 2013. I keep trying other things but nothing really does the job as well for me. Nice that the new version lets me use 13'6" I am 13' 4" but I am not going to haggle.


The program has really upgraded a lot from what it was when I started with it. Still wish they would really improve the finding and planning aspects of it, though. I still do planning on the PC with a couple of other programs to work out routes and rv parks and such.

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Up to now our choices have been to use the automotive CoPilot gps program for about 15 dollars

The $15 auto premium version also has a RV/Motorcycle/Bicycle and walking setting in it that works for me.

Being 12' 6" it has a 12' 6" & 13' settings.


It has Free updates and the $15 version works on my iPad and iPhone 6 Plus at no extra cost.


I see no need for the higher $$ RV version. Now if they sold a Laptop RV version for $50 that had updated maps. I may go for that.

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I sent an email a week ago to the company asking what additional features were in the RV version that would support the $50 price tag. So far, no answer.

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We used CoPilot Truck Laptop for 10 years because of the height of our truck and trailer. With the new motorhome, we are using CoPilot Laptop which has RV settings.


We liked the Android version, especially for the cost of the software, but we like having two displays, one for each of us, and cost of two tablets had a higher cost that using an existing laptop with an extension monitor.

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