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  1. Thanks everyone. Lots of good information!
  2. We have a tall 5th wheel that has two 40 # propane tanks on the side of the trailer. These tanks filled each weight approx 75 #. It’s getting more difficult as the years go by to lift & position these tanks. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Thanks David
  3. Posted Yesterday, 05:43 PM https://copilotgps.c.../rv-navigation/ Mark & Sue---SKP#86611 Thanks for the link.
  4. We boondock a lot. We've had 2 Northwood Arctic Foxes and 1 Nash. All 3 held up very well. The 2003 Nash took us to Alaska & back with no problems. The other units were a 27 5L and the current 29 5T. Very happy with Northwood.
  5. After we took delivery of our AF we took it to the factory and they welded a hitch on it.
  6. We bought the Tadi wireless rear view camera with the intent to leave it on all the time. 5th wheel is 30'. It never did work properly. The signal to the receiver in the cab of the truck just wasn't strong enough. We contacted Tadi and told them the problem. They agreed the wireless wasn't going to work for me. I agreed to keep the unit and go wired. They sent me all the wire & connectors at no charge. Works great now. The wire they sent me had an axtra power wire inside the cable so the camera gets it's power from the same 12v outlet as the receiver. We're very pleased with the setup & Tadi.
  7. Does RV CoPilot have the ability to enter & route by height, weight & length?
  8. Thanks for the information on CoPilot RV.
  9. Here's a section of the new new Costco / Citibank Visa card agreement. Looks like they have been talking to PayPal:
  10. I sent an email a week ago to the company asking what additional features were in the RV version that would support the $50 price tag. So far, no answer.
  11. We have had the popping noise from our Lippert Hydraulic auto levelers. Lippert told us it was from air in the lines expanding and contracting with temperature changes. They had us remove a quart of the hydraulic fluid and replace it with a quart of motorcycle fork oil. It took awhile for the new fluid to work it's way thru the system. The popping slowly decreased and eventually stopped after many cycles.
  12. We've had this same hitch for some years now and have never had a problem until the time described in our original post. When we discovered the problem we returned the slide lever to the forward locked position and continued with our trip. It stayed in the proper position for quite a few hundred miles. Really don't think it was a hardware malfunction. The intent of this posting was not to condem any segment of society but to make our friends on this forum aware of a potential problem area.
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