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Walmart.com Sewing Machine


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I ordered my new sewing machine(Brother PC420PRW, for those interested) from Walmart since if I was going to return it Walmart is up the street vs. Amazon(less $$). Got the sewing machine, am keeping it, emailed Walmart to get my price match W-$389 A-$331, $57 difference. Refund came through with only $42.50, why? I emailed back yesterday and received the rest of my refund today...........Walmart came through!!!!!!!

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Along those same lines...one of the features of the Wal-Mart Ap for your phone is a "savings catcher". All you have to do is scan your receipt and the app will do the rest. It compares competitors prices and if they find a cheaper one you get a credit which you can get put on a Wal-Mart card or use for another purchase. We started doing it in January and have accumulated about 60 dollars so far. Not a lot but every penny counts!!

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Yes, we use it all the time and accumulate it for a year and then spend it. When it first came out if you put it on the AMEX/Walmart Bluebird card they doubled the amount you saved. Lots of $$$ there. The amount we save has slowed down but it is still something. Just like we have a Sams Club card and charge all our gas on that, get 5% back no matter which station we use. Sams sends a check once a year with the accumulated funds, only problem is it is only usable at Sams, no big deal. Penfed also has a deal with a credit card for 5% back at the pump, we use that one also.


Dealing with Walmart.com there is no paper receipt with a code on it so you need to contact them for the price match. From what I have seen with the Savings Catcher prices are only compared to local stores so Amazon is not on the list. It seems to be mostly for comparing food prices.

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Along those same lines...one of the features of the Wal-Mart Ap for your phone is a "savings catcher".

Pam has been using the Walmart phone app for quite sometime now as well. She has seen it as high as $12 in one month but she says that lately it has dropped off to $3 or less per month. Last month it was only $1.09. But a dollar is a dollar........... <_<

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In my opinion, a regular sewing machine is not the best option for fabric edging. Especially if you are doing a lot of projects. If you are not doing just for a hobby, but get paid for this, then better consider buying an overlocker machine with a regular one. It does this kind of work faster and more accurately, which will help you to save a lot of time and finish your projects more efficiently. You can search more about what is an overlocker. As a mother of 4 kids that have different plays at school and need new costumes, I need to do some things faster and don’t spend the whole day on it. Especially when they love to inform the night before they need a new costume.

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