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Ford gasser vs. Workhorse chassis


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One reason for that is the fact that there is Workhorse RV chassis since Navistar shut the line down in 2012. With GM discontinuing the Vortec, big block gasoline engine they only had diesels. At this time the only gasoline chassis for a class A is the one from Ford.

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Another consideration when reading F53 handling improvement, is to factor:


1) The coach manufacturer spec's how the want the chassis to come from Ford. For the entry level coaches, yep, less sophistication in the chassis as delivered. More expensive coaches, usually come pretty well equipped with the proper chassis components to cover handling.


2) The year of the F53 makes a difference to. Ford really seemed to do a good job when competing with Workhorse, their last major changes to the F53, about the same time they first came out with the 26K Lbs chassis, they had dialed them in pretty good. (Again, based upon what the coach manufacturer spec'd when they bought the chassis.)


I know of a few owners of Hurricanes, that had to spend some money on aftermarket components that were stock on say a Newmar of Monaco or Rexhall and some Tiffen models. (Not all inclusive, just using those as examples. And not knocking Hurricanes, they are the entry level of the that manufacturer.


So when reading about 'all the handling fixes' for F53's - factoring in the chassis year/model and what level of coach it was for the specific Manufacture is warranted:)!


And if you go read say Henderson's Line Up site, you will find handling aids for various Workhorse chassis too:)!




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