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Texas Class A non-CDL - Motorhome Driving Test

Bullet Bob

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I currently own a 36' gas motorhome and have a class C Texas drivers license. But I am going to buy a 45' diesel pusher and will need to get a Class A or B license. My question is can I take the Texas DPS class A non-CDL driver's test in my current gas motorhome that does not have air brakes? And if not, how do I drive legally in my new 45 footer until I pass my test? Is there an RV driving school in Texas that will let me drive their diesel rig to take the test if I pay for a driver's course with them?


Thanks in advance for your advice.




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My wife and I were in your same situation six years ago. Here is what we found; "legally", a properly licensed driver must operate your new rig to the testing site. We found that nobody at the Livingston facility made an issue of the matter. No . . . driving your shorter, non air brake rig to the testing site will not allow you to qualify for the up-graded license. Perhaps a friend may be willing to lend you a hand. It may be useful for you to know that you first go in a take your written test and then make an appointment for the driving test on another day. Don't work up too much of a sweat over the matter, the people in Livingston are quite familiar with we Escapees and will do their best to accommodate your needs. Good luck, oRV


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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to have you here as a part of our group. Feel free to ask questions any time or to join into any conversation.


Since your question has been pretty much covered, I'll simply say that the DMV is quite aware that you have to get your RV to the testing site, somehow. Most people who are getting tested are those who have recently upgraded from a smaller RV and I have never heard of one case of someone having a problem from driving himself to the test site. I do know one driver who was involved in a minor traffic accident with the RV in route to the testing site and when he told the investigating officer that he was in route to the driving test, no ticket, warning, or summons of any kind was issued. And just so that you know, the RVer was not at fault in the accident and he & his wife both passed their driving test! :D

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We just got our Texas class A last week. First, take the written test, study chapter 14. John and Francis in the DPS office in Livingston are very nice and understand our situation. Once you pass the test, they will schedule a road test. This may be several weeks out so be prepared. Arrive in your rig and park along the street by the sign that says Class A testing. We drove down Washington, right onto Church, right onto 59, stay on feeder road, right over the tracks onto Washington and back to the office. No backing and no questions on air brakes. They will check all your lights. License will arrive in two weeks by mail. You must drive the rig you are getting the license for.


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I join the many others that have enjoyed John's and Francis' over the top great service. They are a cut way above any other DPS office I have ever been too.


I took the written test 10 minutes from where we stay. But had to drive to Livingston to set the driving test appointment. John allowed me to set a driving test appointment for a friend who had passed the written test saving him a trip to set the appointment.


Once the insurance and lights were verified, the driving was easy and not very long. John is very RV friendly for sure.


They are certainly the very best in Texas.

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FYI, some Houston area offices are not doing this driving test anymore. I was one of the last ones to take the driving test in Alvin. Oh, and I did pass, but I must say I was nervous. Agree with above that it was just drive normal, and use that turn signal, even when pulling away from the curb on a side street.

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