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Dollar Tree Moisture Eliminators not avaialbe in AZ, NM & NV?


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I have been using these for a long time in my washing machine. They are great to pick up excess moisture and prevent order odors and I can keep the lid closed while traveling. While in Arizona I tried several stores to find them and some clerks knew what they were and some didn't but none had them. I went to the company website and it says they are not available in AZ, NM & NV. I couldn't find an electric contact form to ask them why? Does anyone here know why they may not be available in those states?


I think they are the generic version of DampRid which is $5.00 a container at Walmart vs DollarTree's $1.00 per container.




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Bucket? We used a 30 gallon trash can full of water and most of it was gone between when we left in the spring and came back in the fall.


If you have nasty water do toss a trash can liner in your bucket / can so you don't have hard to remove deposits on the can. Much easier to toss a liner than scrub with Lime-Away or the like!

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