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Latest ECR Update (If you want a t-shirt)


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Kim sent us the updated list and we now have 46 potential attendees. She is lengthening 8 sites in the loop and adding 12 sites in a loop by the bath house. She has promised she will accomodate anyone that wishes to attend so if you haven't spoken to her about a registration for a site need to do so at this link.



I still need the rally registration forms of those attending so I can stay ahead of the game. Thank you to those that have already sent them in. The rally registration is available here in a PDF that you can type your info into.



If you want a t-shirt I will be placing that order March 7 so I must have your registration and request along with a check, prior to that time, no exceptions. The business will be doing a one time set-up and run for our entire order and is unable to do multiple set-ups and orders without additional costs.


This is our biggest ECR ever and hopefully everyone will enjoy. See you in April. As always any questions or comments can be emailed to me at:

ecrcarl@gmail.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Finally, if you don't know if you can attend until the last minute call Kim for a site and come on anyway. We will have a rally registration available Saturday April 9 at 1:00 p.m. to accomodate. Again early registration greatly aids Donna & I in our preparation and lessens our work load at the rally.

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Is it April yet? Pat



The Old Salior


I hope not. I need more time for my up grades. I need all the time that I can get. This week is going to be the coldest temperatures of the year. No time to be outside working on the truck. Temperatures in the forty's would work for me. High temperature for Thursday is going to be 18*F. The weekend it get's colder. Come on warm weather !



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I am getting anxious too but still need more time for upgrades as well. Teaching DW to drive so she can help drive if I start having trouble. This will be our second trip in this RV and first with the HDT. We were hoping to leave early but that is not looking possible just yet. Looking forward to meet everyone. It looks like it will be a great turnout.

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