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Where are the Class A RV car washes?


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I just purchased a Fleetwood Bounder last month and, being a newbie, am finding out things I take for granted with a car or not so easy to take care of with a 34' motor coach that is 14' high. I am in Austin, TX but am about to travel full time in the western US and Canada. I'd like to keep my rig clean but finding a place I can fit a 14' high coach into is very difficult.


Can anyone share how you find a car wash when you are on the road. Alternatively, should I, perhaps, get a power wash tool and use water at and RV park?

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Blue Beacon RV wash.

Is the best known, but there are other truck wash businesses with RV washing facilities.


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As already mentioned you can usually get someone to come to the RV park and wash the rig for you. If you are on the road rather than in a park there are many truck stops that have truck / RV wash bays. I've seen both self wash and employee wash situations. Getting your rig washed should not be a problem. Enjoy your RVing adventures. Dennis

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Agree on the many cgs that allow washing. And often I was allowed to wash even in cgs that had NO WASHING signs posted. Some tips for those cgs. Ask in person but before you hand over your cash or CC. Tell them you won't wash on the weekends when there are lots of fellow campers there that will want to also wash. Tell them you have an auto shutoff nozzle and will primarily use the hose to wet the area and rinse but the washing will be done from a bucket with enviro friendly soap. Most private cgs will also have some kind of rack or bulletin board with business cards for various services and one service often advertised is wash/wax service. Might cost a small amount more than you think is right since the cg often gets a cut from the vendor. I frequently use Blue Beacon and they do a good job. I generally ask the mgr how old the brushes are on their hand 'broom' handles with a mention that I don't want scratches on the finish. Often they'll screw on new brushes. Learned that from a trucker in the next stall who didn't want brush marks on his fancy paint job.

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If you don t want to do it yourself just watch for Blue beacon truck wash they are at most of the truck stops along the interstate highways..



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Definitely ask at a campground before washing. We have run into a few that say 'no' unless you stay a week or so. The reason being that if it so happened that you were only staying a day or two and another party comes in and washes and leaves in a day or two and perhaps another.....it would leave the campsite in poor condition. Some full-timers come in for only a day or two to a RV park in order to dump their tanks, refill with fresh water and wash their rig.

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Check prices before you sign up for anyone to come to your campsite and wash your vehicle. It can cost $150 - $200 per wash. If that is within your budget, fine.


I much prefer Blue Beacon for $35. They do not dry your vehicle, but my experience is that whatever they use does not streak. Sometimes there is a line, but at least for me, it is worth it.

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