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Installing Jackalopee with Hayes controller ?'s


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Hi Everyone,


I am planning to install a Jackalopee and a Hayes brake controller. I am a rookie at doing this kind of work. I was hoping that the Jackalopee can help with the install of the Hayes controller wires. There are three wires coming off of the Hayes controller. A blue, red, and black wire. I understand that the black wire goes to the positive side of the battery. Or could I pick up 12 volts off of the Jackalopee ? The blue wire goes to the connector for the trailer brakes. Can I pick up this source from the Jackalopee ? The red wire goes to the mechanical stoplight switch. Can I pick up this source also from the Jackalopee ? I am also planning to put in some terminal blocks to help install the Jackalopee this way I can isolate any problem that I might have. I got this idea from Jim of Jim & Alie. Is there anything that I am missing ? I need to have this work finished before the '16 ECR. I don't like how the brakes react on the trailer.


Thank you for any and all help,



I have also looked at the resource guide with no luck. If I have passed something up please point me in the right direction.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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