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Verizon Gave Me A 15% Discount Monthly


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I did not know they had this, and I did not know which vets active, or retiree, or what. I sent a scan of the front of my Retiree ID card and a few days later I got my discount approved. It Takes effect on my next billing cycle not the one just ended. I have the $45.00 medium plan with 3GB of shared data and $20.00 per line X 2 lines. After all taxes etc. my bill was $94 and change. The military discount turned out to be $20.00! Now for 2 lines and shared 3 GB a month as well as unlimited long distance and texts our monthly bill will be just $74 and change. That is $37 each line total. We did not have any monthly phone fees as we got our phones free when we traded in our older ones, plus $100.00 off our service and start up making the first month and activations for two lines free.


From the webpage:



As a valued active service member or veteran, we offer to you a 15% discount off your monthly Verizon
Wireless service and 25% discount off select accessories.

Registering for the discount is easy, click Get Started Today.

To verify your service, you can use:

•Your military issued email or paystub as an active service member

•Your DD Form 214, Veteran's ID Card, Military Retiree Account Statement or VetRewards Card
from Veterans Advantage


Please note: Active service members and veterans are eligible to receive discounts on currently available price plans and features. On plans with separate account and line fees, discounts apply only to the Account Access fees. Certain restrictions apply to plans not commercially available or where otherwise indicated."


That page is here: https://devices.verizonwireless.com/content/vzw-eStore/military-veterans.html


Every little bit helps!



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Had been getting that 15% for years, then when we stopped going to HI for the winter and got rid of the MIFI that we used on the sailboat and changed our plan our price point dropped down to $24.99 for the 1st phone and we lost the discount because it was below the minimum price point. Well Verizon just let me know that they have now authorized the 15% discount for price points of $24.95 and the discount will show up on my next bill. Our phone bill was only $56.74 without the discounts.



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Thanks guys,

I always used the Homer's and Lowes discounts but never much else. Just reinforces what I always say, if you don't ask, no one can ever say yes! Between cutting cable TV for OTA and that discount we just saved almost a hundred bucks a month!

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