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TRICARE new drug coverage permanent!


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Copied from their email:


"TRICARE’s over-the-counter (OTC) drug coverage is here to stay. Formerly a demonstration program, the OTC benefit becomes a permanent part of the TRICARE pharmacy benefit on Feb. 1, 2016. Effective that date, TRICARE is making some changes to OTC coverage to bring it in line with other TRICARE pharmacy coverage.

Starting Feb. 1, beneficiaries must pay the usual generic copays for covered OTC drugs. OTC drug coverage will still require a prescription from their doctor. Female beneficiaries can still get Levonorgestrel (the Plan B one-step emergency contraceptive), without a copay or prescription at a network or military pharmacy."

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I've used Express Scripts for many years and only have a small problem when the Rx requires prior authorization. Usually cleared up in a few days. They seem to be a little more organized lately with renewals, electronically getting the renewals from the doctor if you are enrolled in automatic refills.

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