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What electric skillet is best?

Kirk W

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We replaced our electric skillet after years of use with one from Oster, about 18 months ago. The new one was supposed to have a ceramic coating that was superior to Teflon and would last for years. After a month or so the area just over the heating coils began to turn brown and a call to Oster informed us that this is normal and don't harm anything. By 1 year things were sticking to the brown areas and the inside of the skilled never looked clean, meaning that Pam was not happy! When I used it the brown didn't bother so much but things sticking to the pan, even bacon and such, made me just as unhappy as she.


Not the question is, what is the best electric frying pay out there, in your opinion, and why? We paid about $50 for the Oster and now it is trash. I saw a review online that listed a De Longhi as the best for the money. Does anyone own one of these?


I need help as the chief cook is not a happy camper! :(

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Have you introduced your cook to the Induction heating hot plates? They take up less room than an electric skillet and you won't have the "Hot Spot" from the element that the electric skillets use. If she is still using Aluminum, she won't be happy but if you have some steel or cast iron cookware you (and she ) will probably love it. Much more portable than an electric skillet too.



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