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A woman I met at the local food bank was telling me she just bought a used RV. She says it is in pretty good shape and looks good except for the plastic toilet which looks like it hasn't been cleaned in awhile and is badly stained. I told her I would ask on this forum if there was anything she could do to clean it up (she's tried cleanser and Scrubbing Bubbles) or if she should just buy another one?

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If it is plastic it is probably stained as well as dirty.


It can always get bleached back but in my opinion once the plastic has been stained anything like bleaching it back or using something to abrade away the stains is just making a future problem.


I had a single wide for a while and it had weird plastic sinks. Sure they were functional but much use got them to where they wanted to hold the colors of stuff and the plastic does not take well to serious chemicals anyway. Stainless steel was already in kitchen, plastic sink in the master bath got replaced with porcelin or whatever and the guest bathroom plastic sink lasted the longest due to minimal use.

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Without more info I will speculate that it could be the the water with the minerals that was used. I have had that issue based on where I have camped long term. I have often solved the worst of it by soaking with cheap white vinegar. Depending on where it is stained you may be able to let some sit in the toilet. I had some serious build up on the clean water outlet that flushes into the bowl. I used some small pieces of paper like paper towels or pieces of cloth that I soaked in the vinegar and let it sit on the stained area. I would replenish the vinegar with and eye dropper. Of course you cannot let the paper or cloth be flushed. The eyedropper let me dribble on to specific spots. It was pretty bad so it took awhile but it did no damage and now it looks good. My toilet is one of the cheaper plasticThetfords that I put in over 10 years ago and have had no issues with. I hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying how trouble free it has been which is amazing since I have full timed all that time.

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