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Should the TVs on the 2015 Bounder power up from the inverter?


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I picked up the Bounder last Saturday and have been learning and testing all testing all features since. I find that none of the televisions will power up unless I am on shore power or have the generator running. Is this as it should be? I just watched a You-Tube video in which a Fleetwood factory rep said, "Bounder motorhome features a 1200 Watt Inverter, which is enough power to all the TVs in the motorhome so that, regardless of where you are, you can get the game”


Many thanks to Mark and Dale Bruss for your quick response to my earlier post.

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If your Bounder does in fact have an inverter... which it should... it has to be physically turned on independently. IOW, it won't just come on by itself when needed. There should be a manual switch on the inverter itself. After that... you should be able to control it from your panel remotely. Be aware.. turning it "OFF" on the remote panel puts your inverter in "sleep" mode. It will still consume a very small amount of power from your battery/ies, but not as much as being "ON" with no load.


I generally recommend using the main power switch on the inverter itself to shut it completely off when it will not be in use for an extended period.

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It is quite normal for today's RVs to come with 120V-ac TV sets. If the RV comes with an inverter that is usually connected to supply at least one TV and frequently one in the front and one in the bedroom. The motorhome that I am familiar with that had 3 TV sets did not have inverter power supplied to the middle TV set. The question is, does the Bounder that you bought have an inverter? Is it listed on the spec sheet for that RV? That would be the determining thing. If it has an inverter, is it turned on? The brochure for the 2015 Bounder does list a 1200 watt inverter as standard equipment so I would expect that it can supply at least one of the TV sets.

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Although it might work differently on your Bounder, on my '06 there was a switch in the power management control cabinet that you had to turn on the inverter. But only when dry camping and NOT when using the gen set or hooked up to shore power. It took the tech a long time ($$$) to find the small 2 amp glass fuse deep inside the inverter/converter. Seems that using the inverter while on shore power confused the inverter enough to pop that fuse. It confused me as well but that is what the tech said!

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