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Water at LA Post South


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What's the water like there? Drinkable? (I know it's potable, but that doesn't mean it's fit to drink).


We'll be going up there in a few days and will need to dump and get fresh water, but we're wondering if we'd be better off going into town and pay $5 at Rose RV Park to refill our tank with filtered water?

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We don't drink the water out of our tank, either, but some water smells so bad, we don't want to put it in our tank to use for anything (the water at the Chevron station near Pilot Knob LTVA is a case in point). We've been filling up our 3 5-gallon containers with water from a kiosk to put in our tank and have 6 1-gallon containers that we fill from the same kiosk for drinking and cooking.


I guess we'll give it a try...it would be nice to be able to fill up our 5-gallon containers with free water rather than having to pay!

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nana25k, on 02 Jan 2016 - 2:37 PM, said:

We have not been in a few years. But when we go we use the water. Never smelled, didn't taste bad. There is a consensus that the water has a high sodium content but I don't have a hard evidence about that.


Thanks. I think we'll still pay to fill up our 1-gallon containers with water that we use for cooking and drinking (I'm very sensitive to how water tastes...if it HAS a taste, I won't drink it!), but if we can use the water at La Posa for other purposes, it sure would save us some money!

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nana25k, on 02 Jan 2016 - 7:43 PM, said:

Don't see any reason not to use it for daily needs. After all you black tank won't care


We'll use the water for filling the fresh water tank and for filling our 3 5-gallon containers that we use to refill the fresh water tank. However, for drinking and cooking, we'll still pay to fill our 6 1-gallon containers at a water kiosk.

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We are on our 6th year at LaPosa south and have always used the water that is available. Hard with minerals? Yes. But as far as taste, we don't notice anything bad. We do have a Seagull IV water purifier from General Ecology at the sink for drinking. Being a government facility I know that the water is tested on a regular basis for safety.

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