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Rooftop Solar Panel Safety


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Geeeeeeeeee, just as were having fun informative discussions below concerning alternate energy and battery safety, now I come across an article about Rooftop Solar Panel hazards lol Of course, they are talking about residential roof installation, but heat is heat I guess. For now I'm keeping my RV's rooftop solar however.




A still cautious type, John T



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The fire risk outlined in the article is centered around the possibility that a fire could be started on the roof by a short circuit or overload with the wireing laying directly on the roof. It would seem to me that metal conduit and appropriately sized circuit breaker would nearly negate that possibility.

The similarities between solar on a house and solar on an RV would, for myself, dictate that I take similar precautions on an install.

I have thought about installing solar and will certainly keep this article in mind.


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The first defense against rooftop solar fires is proper circuit protection. If you are going to have three or more strings feeding into your combiner, each string must have a circuit breaker (or fuse) of the proper size between the panels and the combiner.


Spot on, as well as the other comments about proper use of conduit and separation from the roof top.


As I type, we're having 27 panels for just over 8500W of SP installed. Not putting in a battery back up at this time, waiting a bit for more Tesla like modules to come onto the market. Not going thru many of the main providers, even though I did talk with three of the major ones, as I wanted to be sure I had more input into the components and installation approach. (Working with a licensed contractor, who is working as a sub for me as owner builder. Good components, and attention to detail during the install should provide a safe overall solar panel install.


I have seen some installs by many of the Solar Panel Company Mills, that really disappointed me in the quality of the install. Sure, they pass inspection, but, they were just unprofessional in their lack of craftsmanship...


Paying for quality components, and expertise with a good installer - should pay dividends in both peace of mind, and maximizing power output.


Best to all,


Be safe, have fun,


04 CC Allure "RooII" - Our "E" ride for life!

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