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sealand toilet


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Is your vent properly capped? Are you sure your vent pipe is clear and there is no "brown buildup" at the end of the vent pipe inside of your black tank? Does your vent pipe have proper clearance from the bottom of your black tank? It's not completely uncommon to have a vent pipe improperly cut to length and only have a small gap between the end of the vent pipe and the bottom of the black tank. The result being that even a small amount of buildup or water can prevent free vent flow.


It sounds like you either have a yet undiscovered vent blockage our you're getting wind pressure build-up due to an improperly capped vent pipe (like blowing over the top of a beer bottle ;) )

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We also have a Sealand toilet. Shortly after we started fulltiming we had something that sounds similar happen to us. What I think you are describing is that when you try to flush additional water comes into the bowl but what's there doesn't go down? In our case the water in the bowl would go down very slowly and if you had kept your foot on the flush pedal for long you would have overflowed the bowl.


In our case the problem was a blockage in the pipe below the floor going to the tank. We hadn't seen anything because the origin of the block was pretty deep down just before the tank. We were relative newbies at that time and have, since then, been much more careful with respect to using lots of water for flushing and watching for buildup on the walls of that pipe. We cleared the blockage (carefully) with a piece of PEX used as a auger; since it is relatively soft it was unlikely to damage the pipe we were clearing.


I don't know if this is the same problem you have but thought I'd pass this along in case it was.

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Does the toilet sit directly over the black tank with just a short, straight, section of pipe dropping vertically into it, or might you have one of the longer runs where the pipe makes a couple of bends before it enters the tank? If you have bends then I think it probably is some buildup that has remained in the pipe and needs cleaned out, much as Joel is suggesting.

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