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Rock Hounds


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Not sure this is the right forum for this subject -- I did not see one for hobbies info. If I have, sorry about that.


Are there any forum members who are into rock, mineral, and fossil collecting? My wife and I really like doing this, but have had little opportunity. With retirement coming up and plans to focus some of our travels on places to do this, I'd love to hear from those that do. Thanks.

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I don't do much of that, but there is a significant number of RV folks who do. There is one issue that could be a problem if you do a lot of rock hunting and that is the weight of what you find. We have a grandson who has been into study of rocks since he was about 5 and who is today 20 and in college studying geology. We used to visit a lot of rock shops and such to pick up samples of locally unique rocks for him, but not so much today. You do need to plan a trip to Quartzsite since that all began as a rock & mineral show and it still plays a major role there.

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I took up faceting because I found I lacked the artistic ability for lapidary, but faceting is engineering and machining. As it worked out, also a big advantage in weight. Most of my friends who are into lapidary would have to measure their collection in hundreds of pounds. I probably have around 20 pounds of gemstone rough, which is more than I will be able to cut in the rest of my life. BTW the whole faceting system, including tools, accessories and supplies weighs less than 100 pounds and I built it into half of the bedroom closet.

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My LW is a rock hound. We've traveled all over the country collecting rocks. One of the true gathering places for rock hounds is Quartzsite, AZ during the winter months especially January and February. We've wintered there several times and enjoy going to the Quartzsite Gem and mineral Club there. They cater to rock hounds give classes ranging from lapidary, silversmithing to flint knapping and all for just $2.00 a session after joining the Club. It's a great place to learn.


"Happy Trails"


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