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camping books and site help /discovery

strawberry joe

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Hi all,
I use several books to help me find low cost camp sites. I like " Free and low cost campgrounds " for one.....Problem i run into is the description of a potential campsite will not give the length of sites...just a generic description.
So then you don't know if it is worth while to drive in 20 miles or so to determine if its an acceptable place to camp.

My question is ....how do you folks deal with this problem ?
thanks for your imput

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Hello Joe,


+1 for Google Maps. Also consider Google Earth, where you can "slant" the view and have some other options (like showing the terrain in 3D) that really helps in visualizing the place.


+1 for carrying no books... but we've heard many people swearing by the Benchmark paper maps as a great resource for finding boondocking spots.


On my smartphone, I carry the "US Public Lands", which has been quite a resource.


To search for known good boondocking sites, we use three sites:






The first two are really helpful, and frequently list the maximum RV size a site will accomodate. The 3rd one not so much, but we check it anyway.


Also, I recommend reading these articles on the subject, written by the *amazing* WheelingIt lady, Nina Fussing (she really knows her stuff, we've learned a lot by following her blog):







Good luck!




Vall & Mo.

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