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Looking for a Very Basic Photo Sharing Service

Kevin H

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G+ is a basic but expandable and free solution. It is integrated with Google cloud services and Google Docs so photos are easily shared through a number of ways including: Email, Google+, Documents, Spreadsheets, etc. Additionally, the Photos assistant makes it easy (if desired) to make panoramas, stories, collages, etc. from them.


Albums can be made to collect specific photos and movies to be shared either publicly or privately with individual and/or groups of your definition. Content can also be shared on Facebook and a few other social media platforms if you choose.


Content can be set to automatically collect in Photos so no manual uploads are really necessary. Photos taken with your smart phone will just get uploaded in the background and you control whether that happens using your mobile data plan or only over wifi connections.


Microsoft also has a free photos collection cloud service with many of the same features as Google's.


There are many other solutions, like SmugMug.com, photobucket, shutterfly, etc. Some are free, some are inexpensive and some can be pricey.


Personally, I use a combination of Google photos, SmugMug and Microsoft photos but have used a number of others as well and don't, anymore.

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If you already have a Google account (meaning a Gmail account) then for sure I would use Google Photos. Like Budd I have used most of the services. I have basically settled on Google Photos. While it is not perfect in it's features it is better (for ME) than the others. And it will certainly do what you wish.


If you are NOT a google user - meaning you have a iPhone, use Apple computers, etc. then a different solution like SmugMug may be better for you. But if you have an Android phone, or use Gmail then Google will be easiest. IMO.

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