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SC wheel hub cover..gone!


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Am I running in short- or long-term risks in driving it like this? Dust, dirt?


No, not at all. A top hat is purely decorative. In fact, look at the eighteen wheelers: truckers that have aluminum wheels on their drives will usually put chrome top hats on, too, but the guys with steel wheels on the drives never run any kind of cover over the hubs. If you don't mind the look of the hub protruding through the aluminum wheel, you'll do no harm driving it like that.


If you don't care for the look of the bare hub but don't want to pay the Sportchassis price, every truck stop and chrome shop will have them in several price ranges. Take the one off of the other side and find something that comes close to matching.



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There is also a special tool/wrench for the large nut that holds it on. If it isn't sufficiently tightened it'll disappear.

I used a large pliers with an old tshirt to protect from the jaws. I got 'er in pretty tight.. the nut has 'stopping places' to hopefully hold it. Can't budge the one on the other side.

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