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Photo bucket problem


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The format on my photo bucket seems to have changed?

When I click on a picture it asks if you want to share it.

Tap on that and it shows email tweeter or links.

I tap on links and you should be able to tap on the URL box and paste the picture.

When I tap on it it just highlights part of it and won't paste.

Any ideas??


I am using a I -phone

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You need to use the IMG box. Copy the info in that box (sometimes clicking on it it copies automatically) and then paste that info in your posts.

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Only part of the img box or only part of the total image is visible? I click on the box, it turns yellow and says copied but only a fraction of what is there is visible. What is in the box is a fraction of the 2 or 3 lines of the total info.


I had someone switch Photobucket over to Google Chrome yesterday but still it gives me grief. I'll go back to Star Dreamers instructions if I can find them and give them a whirl.

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Same here, Stan sent me a long explanation as well in a PM. If you send me your e-mail, I'll fwd it to you and give that a try.


Right now, I'm moving and sorting 782 pics into Albums. Slow work.


Tina came over yesterday and we thought it was sorted out....I guess not.


One picture I posted had a Chevron on either side of the pic ><. That gave access to all the pics on the computer.


It got deleted.


Have you tried UTube? That's my next plan.


I'm using Windows evidently Photobucket doesn't like that so we loaded up Google Chrome, that made some difference but I'm still fighting it.

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Here is the easy way...

open photobucket and select picture
right-click the image and open in new tab
Copy the URL from the beginning to the .jpg
On the forum click the little tree icon, image tool-tip and paste the URL in the pop-up

Trying to use the links that photobucket offers in the click boxes to post a single picture might work on some forums but here on IP Board they usually don't.


The link you are copying from the newtab's address bar and posting into the forum should look like this:

http://i1374.photobucket.com/albums/ag408/stan-qaz/Skp Forum/2015/10177407_28_600_413_zpsqkgdczkn.jpg

If you look at it in plain text mode (the little switch icon at the far left of the tool bar) it will look like this:


I'm not sure how that will work on an Apple phone's browser but it should work if you load Chrome or Firefox as an app. It works on my two Android tablets.

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