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Firefox Stopped Connecting to Internet


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Strange. This morning my Firefox browser on my HP Envy with Win 7 would not connect to the internet. My Android tablet and my old Gateway laptop with Win 7 continued to function normally.


Had to uninstall Firefox and download another copy to get the Envy back on the net. No virus I can identify. No problems so far with the new copy.

As I said - strange.

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FF has become pretty bloated , IMO . Many , many times I had to 'do something' about FF to make it work .

I use to run FF , too . My wife abandoned it and is using Chrome . I run Aviator ( a more secure Chrome style browser ) .


Good Luck .

Goes around , comes around .

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We have had very good luck with Chrome since dumping Firefox.


We are experimenting with a bit different privacy tool than we have used before, Privacy Badger. It does a good job of blocking the worst ads and aggravations with the least user input needed to get things working. An ad blocker, Ghostery and a script blocker will stop a lot more but at the expense of needing a good bit of user input to get the sites you visit to work well.


Home page: https://www.eff.org/privacybadger


Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/privacy-badger/pkehgijcmpdhfbdbbnkijodmdjhbjlgp?hl=en-US

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Sell a customer a Linux computer and you'll eat for a day.

Sell a customer a Windows computer and you'll eat for a lifetime.

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I'm with Biker56. FF is working great and has been for a long time. I use it on my MacBook Pro. Dennis

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