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Utah Registration Information


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Welcome to the forum. If you have been lurking for awhile, you have probably seen many people refer others to the Heavy Haulers Resource Guide for almost all things big trucks.

I encourage you to read as much as you can take in, over several days, in order to be able to help you in your understand of everything about these big trucks.

It takes a little time to search the HHRV Resource Guide, but you would have found this.

Keep looking and reading again - Welcome.


Well now I see Big5er has beaten me to it. He's faster on the trigger than I am! Or I'm full of too many words.

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Thanks for the direction, but I had found that information. But it's lacking in any substance as to my question on forms, experience, etc. I was looking for a more indepth look at the process for the state of Utah and from more than one person. Not sure how old that information is.

So if anyone from Utah has completed this process recently I would like to hear your side.


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I suspect that the information in the Resource Guide may be all you'll find here. While it's possible that I've forgotten one, I can't remember when, if ever, the last discussion of an in-progress Utah registration might have been on this Forum -- and I've followed this forum closely (and the MDT Forum, when that was all that there was here for large tow vehicles) for fourteen years now. It's just not a state that I recall ever being mentioned here, until you started this topic earlier today, so you may well be covering new ground.


If someone does have first-hand information, though, I'm sure that they'll chime in.


As far as the things we do know about, let me be the first of many that will tell you that your choices of either a T680 or a VNL780 are excellent ones.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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