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GM to import Buick midsize SUV from China


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I don't know whether this means buy GM or boycott them for completely outsourcing American jobs overseas. Put another way, in several states an all American car with no parts of it imported, that I am aware of, save the batteries. (whose battery factory is going up now here) They will be making their own batteries here instead of depending on Japan and China, with a plant here in Nevada, all staffed by Americans, thousands of jobs are being denied in several states that don't like direct sales because they claim job losses but let's see if they sell Chinese GM cars.


Their contention is that selling direct to the public will put the regular dealers out of business and cost jobs if their manufacturers competed with them. It is not a coincidence that the states in question are strong oil or anti solar states. See all they have to do is to make that law read that no manufacturer can open their own dealership or do direct sales in any area where the manufacturers have sold franchises to Americans.


But if losing local jobs is that important then what about the jobs going to China? Shouldn't we ban them from those all American states too?


They maintain Tesla will do all that on the one hand, while not pursuing EVs themselves on the other. In fact maintaining that they will never last, or be affordable. Seems to me they want to keep their jobs as a cover.


It is not a coincidence that the states in question are strong oil or anti solar states.


So a company building cars in China under an American brand name, can sell their cars in those states, but not an American manufactured car? hmmmm


We are past the tipping point. I will watch with interest when the Elio two-seater is sold direct to the public burning gasoline, cycle designation or not.




"General Motors plans to start selling a Chinese-manufactured Buick SUV in the U.S. starting next year.


The company says the Envision midsize SUV will be built at a factory in Yantai, China, that's part of a GM joint venture.


Go here: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-buick-china-20151204-story.html

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