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6 Volt Batteries

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Looking for best price / Cheapest right now. Not interested in the AGM's right now.

We discharged our current setup down 1 to many times :rolleyes: . Considering they were 5yrs and the standard 12v Interstate green tops I think they did ok. They have kept a small freezer running for 3 years on a small inverter as well.

Costco? Sams Club? Does WalMart sell golf cart batteries? Tractor Supply?

If or when we decide to either trade the Carrilite or start the upgrade list on it, changing out the batteries is tops anyway.

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Costco? Sams Club?


Yup... IMO Costo/Sam's offers the best bang for your buck on GC cells in that class. I don't know if it's just their handling/storage/quicker turnover (their batteries generally seem to be more 'near born'), but personally, I hear less about premature death with theirs over some of the other discount stores (Wally's).

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I am looking also and have found Batteries+Bulbs has Duracell golf cart batteries priced within a few bucks of Sam's and if you order on-line for store pick up you get 10% off the price! I believe Duracell deep cycle are made by Penn batteries!


Would you happen to have a link? The least expensive Duracell GC2 I can find on their website is $115.. which is quite high even with a discount (Costco's are generally more like $70-85).


I do see a hybrid cell for around $90...

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I just replaced my batteries with Trojan T105's.. Previous batteries were Sam's that lasted 3 years. My fault, let them go dry (1st time since 98). Previous batteries were Trojan. set 1 lasted 5.5 years, set 7+ years) Sam's had the best price. I bought Trojan's for about the same price, several suggestions depending where you are.


Look online for batteries some have distribution in some of the bigger cities like Tucson. You pay them and pick up the batteries, good prices no sales tax.


Find a Golf cart repair place and give them a call. I found one in Phoenix and said I was looking for batteries with a good price and had cash. Got them for $110 out the door. About the same as Sam's with sales tax.


FYI If you are looking for starter batteries, 8D, the Sam's battery is exactly the same as Interstate and has a better warranty.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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