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directtv reception

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I tried using my cobbled together eagle dtv 321, power inserter pq21r1-03 and converter

d 120 700 from the spare bedrooom at my house to acquire a sat signal in my 5th wheel.

Using a signal meter, I get a definite peaked signal, but when I check it inside, the

converter shows no signal. Does the converter need to enabled from dtv to function as

a stand alone unit?

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I'm not real clear on how swm works...does a special brand of splitter need to be used to get multiple output

from a line for say a dvr? Just one power injecter is needed, right? and does it need to be on either/or lines

If the sat finder indicates good signal strength, does that mean the lnb is working correctly? Why does the sat

finder indicate good signal, but the converter show no signal? I'm running from the ant, thru the signal meter

to the trailers input connector, thru the power injecter module, to the sat in on the converter, to the tv. Is that

right? Do I need to put the power injecter on a separate, isolated line?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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