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Welcome to the Escapee's RV Club and also to the forums! We are very happy that you have chosen to join us here.


I think that you also need to be certified in each state as a teacher, but that might not apply to substitutes. Are you thinking of spending all school year in one district, or moving from one to the next? You would probably need to find districts that were in short supply of subs if you plan to move from district to district.

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Our district in central FL does not require you to be a certified teacher in order to substitute. However, there are guidelines you must meet such as a certain number of hours of college (not a degree necessarily) and a background check. You must be finger printed and receive a photo ID showing approval to be on any campus, which costs in the neighborhood of $85.00. I would think this would be impossible to do if you're traveling. If you're going to stay in one place for a number of months, it seems doable, but I would think you'd have to then apply in that particular county or school district.

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Thank you for your thoughts. Most districts require criminal background check and fingerprints. Was hoping to sub a day here and there as traveling around the country. I think the typical requirements are pretty similar from state to state -- was hoping that someone knew of a national registry. Maybe with the teacher/sub shortage, I need to begin advocating for it. I am currently a principal, looking to retire soon and would love to be with students occasionally as we travel.

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I am also interested in doing some part time subbing in the areas that we are going to travel to (when I retire from teaching) . I am a teacher/coach/assistant principal in Texas and would not have any problems subbing in this state but from the information I have gathered from other states there is no central registry and one would have to contact each district that I would be interested in subbing in and jump through the hoops that they require. It would take a lot of pre-planning and knowing for sure what area you would be traveling to and staying there for a while. Not sure that's compatible with most folks that are full timing. But, like you, I would sure love to stay connected with the kids...love doing it and cant see me not doing it in some capacity.

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As some one who subbed, was a scout leader etc I have found my kid and adult connection thru volunteering. By being at National Wildlife Refugees I have written, edited and presented nature based education and interpretive programs for adults and kids of all ages

Last spring alone I, and others, cycled about 3000 elementary kids thru pond study, bird migration and other programs. The kids come visit via scheduled school trips, general visitation and special event days. Good programs are all hands on, usually 20 or less in each group (generally several programs being taught at one time) and usually 30 to 40 minutes each. You get to be real "Lucy Goosey" and fun.


In all truth I have learned more about many of these topics via teaching them than I ever knew before.

We seek out Refuges where there is a program established.(or in need of). Not all refuges have these programs available and its usually spring and fall.

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I would be interested in something like this as well. I do not have a teaching certificate but with my 4 year + degree have done substitute with special needs and general elementary ed and would also be interested in doing this as a para. Some states allow not having a teaching license in shortage areas.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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