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The new space age concept HDT for Walmart

Chad Heiser

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Here's a link to the new concept truck built by Peterbuilt and others for Walmart.




How would you like to have one of these pulling your RV?

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I'm sorry, but that's one of the most hideous looking contraptions I've ever seen...IMHO. I'm all for saving the planet but hopefully there's a better way.

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I think it is cool!

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Cool truck. Now wanna see Henry mate a carbon fiber ET hitch to it and Gregg build a carbon fiber Smart bed. Break out your wallets, gonna be a bumpy ride if that happens :rolleyes:

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I personally really like the visibility that cockpit gives. Think about it...once you get used to it, it would be pretty sweet to be sitting in the middle of the lane, with glass pretty much all the way around. The view to the left of the truck would be a bit worse, but offset by a much better view to the right side. Both could be easily improved with camera monitoring/ appropriate mirrors.

I've flown in small planes with "glass panel controls"--love the concept. Don't bother watching the gauges so close...if anything goes out of range the display goes yellow or red on that section and flashes the warning at you. I like gauges, but I have to admit that the glass panel systems I've seen were better by far for displaying information and usability.

WE'll just have to see how this concept goes. My guess is the bulk of drivers will refuse to accept it because its "different" --mostly because it will make backing to the "near side" somewhat more difficult.

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Way too many farm machines to maintain.

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its just UGLY as hell... let alone the ugly white lettering on a black trailer.


just suprised any of the HDT mfg want anything to do with Walcrap with there policies ETC...

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