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NYSE trading has been halted


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"The New York Stock Exchange has halted trading on all stocks after experiencing a major technical glitch.


“NYSE/NYSE MKT has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols,” the NYSE said on its market status page. “All open orders will be cancelled. Additional information will follow as soon as possible.”

The halting of all trading on one of the world’s largest exchanges is highly unusual. Stocks stopped trading just around 11:32 am.


The NYSE said that all orders made during the freeze will be cancelled. But stocks that are listed on other exchanges could still be traded.


Technical issues have previously plagued the markets. Facebook’s debut on the Nasdaq exchange was delayed considerably in May of 2012 when technical issues marred the initial public offering. The NYSE occasionally has had glitches as well, but few have taken down the entire exchange for such a length of time.

When reached, the Securities and Exchange Commission declined to comment."



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I think it turned out to be a great example of the efficiencies of the American stock markets. It turned out to be nothing more than a computer malfunction. If it had not been for the news media the average investor would have gone unaware. The traffic was automatically redirected to other exchanges and the trades were executed.



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Put me down as one that does not see the outages as 'random events'. I see too much coincidence here. And if I were with the NYSE... I would be reviewing my Business Continuity planning. If it were a true computer 'glitch', the failover should have happened a little more seamlessly.


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