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Bought a land yacht


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Hello everyone,


I've been sailing on Lake Ontario in Canada for 37 years. I'm recently retired and am planning on spending the cold Canadian winters in the gorgeous American southwest so I bought a "land yacht". ;)


I looked at hundreds of Mh's, TT's, 5th's and finally pulled the trigger on a 2016 Leisure Travel Libero.


The decision of gas vs diesel wasn't an easy one but I had a choice to make and it was made!


I've appreciated all the advice on this board and hope one day I can give back to this great community.



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Congrats on the purchase and I, like you, benefitted greatly from advice and experiences of the great folks on this board. As a native Texan I welcome you to explore all the incredible sites our wonderful state has to offer...just be sure and head north before our summer sun starts to melt the plastic and fry eggs on the sidewalks!!!!

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pulled the trigger on a 2016 Leisure Travel Libero.

Looks very livable to me except for the oven being too high for me to safely remove hot foods from it. Since you are probably not as short as I am this may not be a problem for you. I hope you enjoy your land-based travels.


Linda Sand

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First, welcome Sailor! We are glad that you are joining in on the forums. It is good to hear that this forum has been helpful to you but it is even better than you are now going to take part!


Looking at the Leisure Travel Van site, it looks like a nice rig and seems to be well constructed. While it might not be what I would have chosen, I see no reason why you should not be happy in it! That's one of the nice things about this lifestyle, there is something out there for everyone, you just have to find what works best for you.


Drop in often and join in, sharing your experiences and add a subject or question any time. More participants makes for a better forum! :D

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Thank you for the warm welcome.


The most difficult part of making the jump from boating to rv'ing was the multitude of choices in a "mobile home".


I found buying a sailboat a much easier experience than trying to figure out which "mobile home" I wanted to travel and live in. Reading the forums for hours at a time helped me greatly! A choice was finally made and I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life.


I'm very excited and once again thanks to all who contribute to this community.

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When you said you bought a land yacht, I thought you meant an Airstream Land Yacht.

I just googled the Airstream, and it's beautiful. Ya never know, when we tire of traveling and want to stay in one place for a few months, well.....ya never know. ;)

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I just scanned the Leisure Travel website ... those are nice looking rigs. They'd be a little small for my tastes ... however, if you're already used to the close quarters that most sailboats have (unless you're talking HUGE boats!) - I can easily see how the Leisure Travel offerings could fit your lifestyle quite nicely. That's the beauty of RVing specifically and camping in general .... it's definitely not a "one size fits all" proposition. While each of has to figure out what we like, what fits our needs and what we can afford - we can all enjoy the same views and each others' company as our paths cross while we're out there. Good luck with your new "boat" !

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SpaceNorman, thanks for the post and nice words of encouragement.


I've been sailing a 31 foot Catalina 310 for 13 years so the "land yacht" is actually a move up in size!


I think for the next few years while we're touring our beautiful countries it should do us fine.


When the time comes and we want to spend more time in one or two spots in warmer climes, well there's some beautiful Class A's out there! :)

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